R376 N

Fancy twisters, with hollow spindles, single or double binder, for the production of fancy yarns from artificial and synthetic continuous filament.

Spun yarns from natural and synthetic fibres can also be used as effect yarns, while the binder is always a synthetic or artificial, continuous filament. A wide range of fancy yarns can be processed, such as ondè, frisè, loop, knob, slub, flamè. Inverterised spindle driving motor and brushless motors for the core yarn effects and take-up. Computerised system for monitoring and controlling the work processing, with the possibility to memorize up to 150 recipes. Compared to the single deck machine R 375 N, the double deck model R 376 N, due to the double binder:

  • may allow the production of balanced yarn whereas the binding effects are given in the opposite direction (“S” and “Z”) at the upper and lower spindles.
  • the take-up speed may double as the binding tpm can be divided 50/50 onto each of the 2 spindles deck.


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