We are proud to announce that on 8th July 2021 we have acquired the Menegatto brand, a historic manufacturer of covering machines and related spare parts, with machines installed all over the world. Our philosophy is to always provide our customers with the best in terms of machinery, spare parts, after sales services and commercial support. This further step forward, with the acquisition of the Menegatto brand, allows us to measure ourselves  in a new and stimulating challenge. We have always been committed to investing and improving, but especially now, in a post-pandemic period that has unfortunately left its mark all over the world, it was necessary to continue along the path of progress and continuous improvement that we have set ourselves. As of today, we are therefore the only machinery manufacturers who can supply original spare parts for Menegatto machinery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding Menegatto machines and for any requests for spare parts, upgrades or quotations for new machines.