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Ratti Luino S.r.l. was born in 1869 but today, as in the past, the core of our business is the constant aim of guaranteeing our customers the highest level of satisfaction, always providing the best in terms of quality and services, in an international market scenario more attentive and demanding.
Ratti means machinery operating on five continents, in over seventy Countries, with a success resulting from the primary role always assigned to research and development, technology and quality: this has allowed to give innovative responses to the market needs, not only meeting the expectations but also foreseeing his tendencies.

Today as well as in the past, the priority of guaranteeing the best satisfaction to the customer is the basis of our business, providing the best in terms of quality and services, in a context where the international market is more and more careful and demanding. This is made possible because Ratti Luino srl can benefit not only from the advanced “know-how”, developed over the years, but also from the tested experience of collaborators in the company’s key-sectors.

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Over a century of life in the textile!
The brand RATTI still continues to be identified as one of the foremost brands in the field of ‘2-for-1’ twisters for natural silk, continuous artificial and synthetic filament, with different lines of textile machines for sewing and embroidery threads, covered yarns, technical yarns, fancy yarns.

A wide range of machines that includes almost all the twisting process application fields, providing a great advantage: a marked flexibility to meet customers’ specific needs.

Ratti Luino products

With the buy-out of OMM brand, a totally new generation of SP-R machines has been realized. More versatile and adaptable to the customer request, strong points of these models are simplicity in use and the product quality

OMM products

Textile laboratory & Technical Assistance

Alongside the R&D Division, equipped with sophisticated CAD-CAM systems and the mechanic workshop, the Textile Research Laboratory also plays a key-role. It is daily occupied in testing new processes of twisting and improving quality.

The “Company system” is completed by an efficient Technical Assistance service, dealing with reliable and prompt works worldwide.
Nowadays more than ever, our motto “moving onto new challenges in the banner of tradition” is still alive, and the story goes on… 

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