Electronic Traverse Device ETD

Upgrade your old twisters with our new ETD – Electronic Traverse Device! The New ETD – Electronic Travese device allows old machines* to reach, in terms of traverse performances, the same high qualitative level of the traverse device installed on the most modern machine models.

The main features of the ETD – Electronic Traverse Device are:

  1. Easy operating software, that allows to interact in a simple way with all the system’s function.
  2. Increasing of the traverse reduction value, for a total reduction of 180 millimeters.
  3. Setting of the crossing angle with the possibility to produce bobbins with constant crossing angle.
  4. Setting of parameters for soft bobbins edges.
  5. Possibility to choose between:
    • Straight take-up bobbin
    • Traditional tapered bobbins
    • Take-up bobbins with modified edge profiles (8 different profiles)

The ETD device has been appositively developed for Ratti twisters model R 521 and R 522. For its application onto different Ratti models or machines produced by other manufacturers, our Technical Department is always ready to study the best custom made solution, and will be at your complete disposal for any necessity You may have. 


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