R641 – R641 CU1-CU2

Two for one twister for industrial yarns and heavy deniers of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, viscose, aramid yarns wound on large supply and take up package, both easily operator accessible. The large supply package and heavy deniers require a sturdy machine frame, double twist spindles that are easily accessible by the operator and an adequate take-up cradle with double braking, suitable for high take-up speed when processing with low twist turns. The machine can be equipped with spindles ranging from model NT260 to NT 330 for counts up to 12.000 dtex. Under request, the machine is also available for processing of industrial sewing threads. The machine is available, with the optional of the pneumatic threading of the yarn inside the spindle, and is equipped with a central conveyor belt for unloading the take-up bobbins. 



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