A complete new generation of machines

The line of machines for covering elastics yarns (spandex o rubber) today is more complete. With the buy-out of OMM brand, a totally new generation of SP-R machines has been realized. More versatile and adaptable to the customer request , strong points of these models are simpleness use and the product’s quality. All Ratti and OMM machines can be configured for single or double covering and thanks to the new mechanic or electronic gear box , allow the production of bobbins that can be used directly on hosiery machines without prior rewinding. The section of machine can be easily accessible for simple and rapid maintenance to minimize the stop time. The Ratti machine can be equipped with FAG US or USL spindle, this combination machine + USL spindle allows to operate at very high speed with low vibration.

The OMM machine has been equipped with our OMM spindles, the type SX or SX-HD can be selected in function of customer request, all the spindles are realised and tested in our plant before delivery, the possibility for replacing the bearing is a guarantee for the long life of spindles.