General conditions of purchase

1. General regulations

The order, which we consider valid only if filled in on specific forms, is conferred only to the general conditions specified below and only those particulars contained in the text of the order can modify the first. Verbal orders and agreements will be valid only for confirmed in writing.

2. Orders confirmation

Is requested the transmission of an order confirmation: if nothing is received within three days, the order is to be considered accepted.

3. Execution

The supplies must be carried out scrupulously according to our drawings, specifications, models and prescriptions as well as with the regulations, standards and current laws concerning accident prevenction, security and ecology.

4. Packaging

The supplier must use packaging suitable for ensuring the perfect maintenance of the goods.

5. Delivery terms

The terms agreed and indicated in our order are mandatory and must be met. The supplier is required to immediately notify us any changes to the same, indicating the reasons. Neither delays nor advances nor partial deliveries are permitted unless previously agreed.

6. Shipment and delivery

Each shipment or delivery should be integrated with a delivery document drawn up in compliance with the order details current regulations, the exact description of the goods, the net and gross weights. The goods always travel at the risk and peril of the supplier even if delivered in carriage forward. However, damage to the goods caused by the shipper will be chargeable to the supplier.

7. Quantity tolerance

We only accept the ordered quantity of goods. Any difference of quantity should be decided previously with us.

8. Testing and accepting

It is not accepted that the supplier holds late reports of defects found. The supplier will also be informed of the need for replacement.

9. Prices invariability

The prices established for each order are fixed and invariable unless stated in each single order or specified in another way.

10. Invoices

Every invoice should show all the references about our order, and should be send to Ratti Luino S.r.l. – Via Provinciale 309 – 21030 CASSANO VALCUVIA (VA) or to the following e-mail address: ;  The responsibility for invoices which will result incomplete or not conform to the current laws,are to the sole responsibility to the supplier.

11. Payment

The payment should be carried out according to the conditions indicated in the text ofthe order and starts from the date of receipt of the invoice. In case of a dispute regarding the quantity and / or quality of the goods or services, payments will be suspended until the grounds for dispute are removed.

12. Assignment of credit

The assignment of credits is prohibited; at the request of the supplier RATTI LUINO S.r.l. may grant, at its discrection and in writing, the authorization to assign said credits to companies of its choice.

13. Guarantee

Except what agreed in the text of the order. The supplier undertakes, from the day of acceptance of the supply and for the period of one year, to immediately and at his expense (including any costs for customs clearance and transport) any defect depending on the material used, from incorrect or incomplete processing, or not suitable construction or execution. In urgent cases or when the supplier is on late in the fulfillment of the obligations in respect of the guarantee, we are authorized to eliminate or to make eliminate the defects or to provide for the replacement of the defective parts, in charge to the supplier.

14Drawings, technical documents and other goods propriety of the client

Remain in every case of customer propriety, and if requested should be returned in good conditions. Moreover, should be granted against all risks, including theft and fire.

15Orders in processing account

The material supplied by us for the execution of one or more orders remains of our property and it is mandatory for the supplier who receives it to store it at his own expense, to store it properly and to use it for the only purpose for which it is was intended for delivery. Moreover, in accordance with the current C.C.N.L. for the metalworking industry, it is acknowledged that the executing company undertakes, as far as it is concerned, to apply the C.C.N.L. within its competence. 


 For any controversy, court of Luino (Va) is competent.