Ratti Luino S.r.l. was born in 1869 but today, as in the past, the core of our business is the constant aim of guaranteeing our customers the highest level of satisfaction, always providing the best in terms of quality and services, in an international market scenario more attentive and demanding.

1869 • Opening

Michele Ratti open his own business at Voldomino, close to Luino.

1926 • New plant

RATTI inaugurate the new plant at Luino , on the shore of Maggiore lake –few miles from Switzerland.

1950-1960 • International status

During the “boom years” of this period , RATTI acquired international status.
Starting with Switzerland, the company began building a customer base among the great textile industry nations throughout the world.

1960-1970 • The new technology

These are important years for technological change such the introduction of the TFO twister.
The Ratti 522 optimizes this technology and has the exclusive feature of a double row of spindles on each side.

1970-1980 • Leading position

The brand RATTI confirms its leading position in more than 70 countries worldwide.

1990-2000 • Textile factory

RATTI expands its textile factory and its manufacturing plants.

2002 • The brand OMM

The brand OMM, historical manufacturer of covering machines, is acquired by RATTI.

2010 • The new RATTI LUINO

The company is renewed and the new name “RATTI LUINO SRL” takes up the challenge continuing in the production and commercialization of textile machines of this historic brand.

2013 • The new production unit

In order to be able to meet the increasing demand from the market, RATTI LUINO SRL move to the new production unit in CASSANO VALCUVIA.

The new unit covering an area of 19.000 sqm (5.500 sqm indoors):

2.500 sqm  warehouse area and  shipments area
1.200 sqm works area
500 sqm mounting area
600 sqm area textile laboratory
600 sqm offices area

2021 • Menegatto brand acquisition 

The 8th of July 2021, we acquired the Menegatto brand, historic producer of covering machines, installed all over the world