Ratti Luino, Made in Italy

Ratti Luino is the only manufacturer of twisting and covering machines that designs, tests and produces its spindles in-house. Spindles are a fundamental element of the machine and need to be designed and produced with the utmost accuracy and precision. A well-produced spindle guarantees higher productivity, lower energy consumption and less stress on the yarn. As a result, the spindle can determine the economic and technical success of the end product.

Our internal organisational structure allows us to produce more than 70% of a machine at our plant based in Cassano Valcuvia (Va); this allows us to customize the machine following the customer’s specific requirements step by step. This allows us to customise the machine according to the customer’s specific needs, step by step, and to closely follow the entire production chain, which is carried out in Italy. We can therefore carry out specific tests based on the customer’s production needs: thanks to our Textile Laboratory, equipped with a twisting department and a covering department, and thanks to our R&D department, which acts with maximum flexibility to develop the required solutions.

From before the offer, until after the installation of the machines, Ratti Luino provides continuous support and assistance to the customer.

The experience and know-how gained during more than 150 years of activity  allowed us to install our machines in more than 70 countries all over the world, providing not only specific products, but also high quality standards, which only Made in Italy can guarantee.