Covering machine model Menegatto 21

Ratti Luino S.r.l. – OMM presents the new covering machine model “Menegatto 21”, in addition to the covering machines of the OMM Line.

The “Menegatto 21” is suitable for the covering process of spandex, rubber and rigid yarns. It can be equipped for single or double covering and is equipped with spindles model R4 and R5 with replaceable bearings, they can reach up to 27.000 RPM. The machine can be offered in fully mechanical, semi-electronic or fully electronic versions. It too has a state-of-the-art zetting, tapering and hard-edge protection system, so that the reels can be used directly in the subsequent stages, without the need for previous rewinding.

In both single and double coverage, the machine can be supplied with two different types of gauge: 200 mm and 270 mm.

The core wire can be unwound by a double or triple roller for spandex, or by a splitter for rubber tapes. The drafting system is also available in different variants, depending on the needs: spring arm/presser roller, counterweights, double chromed roller with conical groove.

Collection can be carried out by means of an opening arm or coulisse, using cylindrical, conical or kingspool collection tubes.

The “Menegatto 21″ offers a number of improvements such as a smaller control head – without detracting from efficiency – and an improved threading system. The control panel, in semi- and fully electronic versions, can be supplied in different sizes: 7.4″-8.4″-10.4”.  Machine set up for “Industry 4.0

if you are working with the “21” it is not necessary to have a UPS apparatus to guarantee continuity of current, as the spindles – which have great inertia – powered by the inverter during deceleration, act as a generator to power the motor and the cabin in the event of mains blackouts or sudden power cuts.

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