Pursuant to art.13 of the European Regulation 2016/679

1. Data controller

The data controller is Ratti Luino S.r.l. based in Via Provinciale, 309 – 21030 Cassano Valcuvia (VA). Any requests and clarifications about processing of data should be sent to the following e-mail address:info@rattiluino.com.

2. Carried out treatments and purposes

The Owner wishes inform you that Your personal information, as well Your e-mail address, telephone number, trade name of Your Company, and the rest of Your message, will be collected and treated in order to:

· Taking charge of Your request of technical support showed by Your voluntee to contact our Company by filling out the form.

· Re-contact with the user in order to give a feedback about his request of information by filling out the form

The treatments done by using IT or sheet made devices, include the use of automised decisional processes for the necessary time to achieve the aims for what they were collected for. Specifics security measures are observed in order to prevent the lose of information, illegit use and non authorised accesses.

The Controller would inform You that, in compliance with the Protocol:  

the personnel which is back to the Company offices will be subject to the following measures:

– Temperature check to be done before to enter into the Company offices and to be repeated if during the activity the worker shows symptoms of respiratory infection by COVID – 19 (e.g. cough, cold, conjunctivitis). The visitors which enter into the Company offices will be subject to the following measures:

– Temparature check to be done before to enter into the Company offices and to be repeated if during the activity the worker shows symptoms of respiratory infection by COVID – 19 (e.g. cough, cold, conjunctivitis).

– Filling of the related Register.

Temperature check:

The check will be in real time and the temperature will be not registered.

The Company will only identify the person concerned, and record the fact that the temperature threshold (set at 37.5 °C) has been exceeded if this is necessary to document the reasons why access to company premises is forbidden.

Attendance list:

The Company will provide to the predisposition of an attendance list indicating the personal data of the person concerned (name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail).

In accordance with the Protocol the finality of the Point 2 treatments is the prevenction from COVID-19 infection.

2.1 Treatments modality

The above treatments will be done by appropriately designated staff of the Controller who have received specific operating instructions.

Temperature check: As mentioned before the temperature check will be in real time and it will be not registered systematically. Only and exclusively if the treshold of 37,5°C is exceeded the person will be identified and his datas rgistered on papers.

Attendance list: The registration of the datas of the concerned person (name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail) will be through papers and the registration will last 14 days.

3. Legal base of the processing

The processing is carried out based on the legit interest as there is an appropriate and relevant relation between the interested subject and the data controller, justified by the fulfillment by the user of the form situated in the “technical assistance” section of our Company website.

The treatment is done in implementation of the provisions of the regulations in force for the management of the epidemiological emergency Covid-19 and from the shared protocol for the regulation of measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus in the workplace.

4. Datas conferral

Datas conferral is optional, but necessary for the achievement of the purposes mentioned above and the non-availability of the same doesn’t permit to give a feedback to the user requests.

The activities described in this information are necessary to grant the access to the Company offices in respect to the point 2 finalities. In the event that a person refuses to undergo such a survey, they will not allow to enter in the Company.

5. Communication of datas and diffusion field

Limited to the information gave by the user by the fulfillment of the form, the information could be accessible for the IT suppliers working for our Company.

6. Conservation time

Datas will be conserved for the necessary time to perform the purposes mentioned above in respect of law terms; in order to document our activity and also in order to answer to the need of Your data backup.

The temperature check will be in real time and is not provide the storage. The datas collected if the temperature threshold is exceeded and those contained in the self-certification/registration forms will be kept until the end of the state of emergency. The datas related to the presences will be kept for 14 days. Successively to the decision of the Competent Authority to consider closed the COVID-19 emergency, the Controller will provide to the cancellation of the eventual registered information.

7. Rights of the Interested party

The whole right is recognized and guaranteed to: ask the Owner about the Treatment and the acces to the personal datas, the rectification, the cancellation of the same or the limitation of the treatment that concern you or to resist their treatment, besides the right of data portability.

That right could be practiced by sending an e-mail at info@rattiluino.com.

Moreover, the Owner will stop the treatment in the moment in which is received from his part the communication of revocation of the previously expressed consent in the moment in which there is the legal basis of the processing.

8. Claim to the control Authority

The interested party has the right to propose a claim to the Control Authority In case his request of information to the Owner have not determined satisfactory answers.

The reference Authority is the Guarantor for the protection of personal datas, follows web site:


11. Validity of this information:

The Controller reserves to modify and/or improve this information compared to further regulatory updates.